Nail treatment

At  Spa Soul- Space you will find premier   quality manicures and pedicures. These services and more are offered in one of the cleanest and most relaxing environments, with reasonable prices . Choose from a huge variety of flavors and polishes, then sink into one of our luxurious chairs and enjoy as our expert technicians tend to your needs. Our goal is to leave each client feeling stress-free and rejuvenated by the end of your visit.


•    Standard Manicure (3 000Rwf)
•    Deluxe Manicure    (4 000Rwf)
•    French Manicure    (4 000Rwf)



•    Standard Pedicure (4 000Rwf)
•    Deluxe Pedicure     (6 000Rwf)
•    French Pedicure     (6 000Rwf)